Polish Design - Łódź Creates is a project that promotes the best out of over 100 young artists and designers working in Łódź, a place known in Poland as the national centre of creative industries, art and design. After the fall of communism and shutting down of large textile factories, the local authorities decided that social revitalization and involvement in supporting art would be an opportunity for the city. Since 2011 the city has provided the artists with space to work in, provided grants to artists and has organised a series of artistic events. To date, hundreds of studios and cultural centres have been established in the post-industrial buildings. Two large catalogues describing the works of Łódź artists have been published. Training and meetings with consultants from various fields are regularly organised. The artists we will present during Formex, London Design Fair and Dutch Design Week prove that efforts to support artists can bear fruit.



PLN Design is a modern, on-line magazine which treats of Polish design, interiors and architecture. Of course they are still up-to-date with newest global trends. You can definitely say that they are a regular at the most important events connected with design.


Lodz Design Festival stands for ideas, people and action. Founded in 2007, it has served from the very beginning as a review of Polish design achievements. The thematic Main Programme consisting of curator exhibitions complemented and enhanced by an open and diverse repertoire of accompanying events is always at the core of Lodz Design Festival. The festival programme has continued to expand upon the ongoing dialogue with the audience, to finally assume its current shape. It now includes not only exhibitions but also the make me! competition for beginning designers, the must have project featuring the best Polish product implementations, lectures and presentations that serve as a source for mutual inspiration, and the educational space for children called Educreation.

Lodz Design Festival has grown to be one of the major design events in East-Central Europe. It presents different faces of design including industrial design, arts and crafts design, graphic design, architectural design, service design and fashion design. It brings people together who respond to challenges with an open mind and commitment, and who have the courage to design and make a difference. Since its founding, the Festival has attracted more than 350,000 attendees from around the world.




Mateusz Lipski 

Krzysztof Babij

Interservis sp. z o.o.
ul. Łąkowa 11
90-562 Łódź        

+ 48 42 637 12 15
+48 42 637 13 59 

Interservis pursues the actions which fall within the “Economic promotion of the Łódź creative sector” project, as commissioned by the City Hall in Łódź.


Representatives of the Łódź creative sector will present their works at the most important events in Europe. Entrepreneurs and artists selected through recruitment will participate, free of charge, in the International Trade Fair of Interior Design, Textiles, Gifts and Toys - FORMEX in Stockholm, the London Design Fair and the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. At these events, special zones will be created to present the artistic work of the Łódź artists and their products. Besides preparation of the display, participants of the “Economic promotion of the Łódź creative sector” project will be provided with accommodation, air travel, transport of showpieces and insurance, among others. Creative artists of Łódź will be also able to benefit from marketing training and meetings with experts who know international markets and trends. When the recruitment is complete, five entrepreneurs will be invited to participate in each event, all this with support from the City Hall of Łódź and the European funds.


Organisation of participation of the City in international exhibition events, through presentation of work of creative citizens of Łódź at a stand, within the “Economic promotion of the Łódź creative sector” project, is co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Regional Operational Programme for the Łódź Voivodeship for 2014-2020, Priority axis II: Innovative and competitive economy, Measure II.2 Internationalization of enterprises, Sub-measure II.2.2 Economic promotion of the region.

The key goal of the project is economic promotion of the Łódź creative sector on the international plane by building a network of international economic cooperation.

Indirect goals include:

  • stronger identification of Łódź entrepreneurs as a good brand, and thus improvement of the image of Łódź as a city which supports the creative sector
  • promotion of the Łódź entrepreneurs, increasing knowledge of the offering of the Łódź creative sector
  • better recognition of the creative sector by the Europeans, Poles and Łódź residents
  • activation of Łódź residents to take their own actions
  • development of the network of contacts and cooperation of the creative sector
  • strengthening the image of Łódź as a city which supports the creative sector
  • increasing the level of international trade of entrepreneurs from the Łódź creative sector
  • promoting growth in export and winning new markets
  • establishment of relations with international partners, finding of information on the international markets

As part of project implementation, the City Hall of Łódź will participate in exhibition events/festivals or occasional international events. During each event, the City Hall of Łódź, in cooperation with the Łódź entrepreneurs and institutions, will present their offering at the events, among others by distributing the Catalogue of Products and Services and other promotional actions at the stand/ in the zone.

List of events:

  • Eindhoven – Dutch Design Week
  • London – London Design Fair
  • Stockholm – International Trade Fair of Interior Design, Textiles, Gifts and Toys (FORMEX)

During the events, special creative stands/zones will be organized run by Łódź entrepreneurs of the creative sector, who will present, among others, services and products of the Łódź creative sector, Łódź institutions which support the creative sector and events related to the creative sector in Łódź, Łódź universities which provide education in the field of creative industries, and actions which support development of the creative sector in Łódź.