Where: Łódź Design Festival, Art_Inkubator, Tymienieckiego 3, yard

NEW RETRO it’s an extraordinary return to home, to things we know from the past. The purpose of the exhibition is to show, how the RETRO style has been reinterpreted by the young generation of designers. Creating objects as new, with passion and inspired by the golden period of Polish design takes place here and now. The exhibition gathers objects of applied art created by brands from Łódź making: furniture, graphics, glass and ceramics, fabrics and other interior accessories.

Among designers we present: 366 Concept, Wood&Paper, Breka, Un’common, Hello Pets, Aleksandra Richert, Studio Warto, Sunday is Monday and Vola.

All items are made in traditional way, produced „on order” rather than in mass. Theu are created locally using craft techniques, based on knowledge passed down between generations. Exposition is also an opportunity to present brands from Łódź.

We want to spread the knowledge about designers from Łódź and who knows – maybe inspire the audience to take their own design activities. We believe that: „Creative people shape cities and regions. The residents’ activities sourced in creativity, innovativness and talent are filling the urban fabric and constitute the cultural and economic face of Łódź. (…) Constant changes in the city support the openness of the citizens and their involvement in the creation of new values.”

Łódź Creates it’s over 100 designers related to Łódź, creating illustrations and books, furniture and fabrics, ceramics, jewellery, toys, clothing, accessories and other unique products. All brands are presented in the first catalogue of products and services of the Łódź creative sector.

Exhibition prepared by: Magda Jasińska, Agata Kondracka – Wood&Paper