Lumio is a design studio and a small manufacture of linen home textiles. The brand was officially created in 2011 but its origins go three generations back. Founded by
Anna Błaszczyk – a designer who returned to her roots and restores faith in traditional craft.

The main concept behind this brand is based on the close relation of a man with nature and respect for the work of human hands. All products are made of linen of European origin. Production process is run locally in Poland, in Lodz – the historical textile centre of Europe. This is a skilful combination of handwork and modern design.
Lumio’s collections are distinguished by their well-thought- out choice of colours, fabrics, finishes and styling possibilities. Each collection is a distinct world to which the designer invites its recipients. The projects often refer to art and derive from its richness, thus the proposed concept of textiles enables creation of unique visions. Lumio offers a wide range of curtains and coverlets, but table textiles are flag products of the brand. Traditional crafts and intimate character of the manufacture ensure close relations with the customers who, by making everyday choices, create added value to the business.

Anna Błaszczyk
+48 601 173 311