The „NOM+ADD” is dedicated to modern nomads –  young people living portably and dynamically, often changing their places of residence, each time creating their surroundings differently, arranging their homes from scratch. The idea of the “NOM+ADD” project was to create a system which helps in the day to day functioning of a modern nomad in their given place of residence and at the same time it does not impede future journeys. The aim was to create a modular system of furniture which supports the organization of the closest space and adapts to the individualized needs of a user. I designed it as an object that is temporary, multifunctional and also affordable for target group. 

A removal can be organised by oneself or with the help of a removal company. In the first case, the most common way of transportation are cars with large trunks, therefore the sizes of trunks in “combi” type cars have become the main guidelines for the project. The set of seven elements was designed in such a way that it can fit in a combi car after the rear seats are folded, without having to disassemble the furniture pieces. 

The four elements of “NOM+ADD” furniture system selected according to size and number of elements, give many possibilities for configuration, thanks to which they can accurately adapted to user’s needs and the size of a rented apartment.

Kornelia Kulik
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