In this catalog we present over 100 artists coming from Łódź, who offer unique products and services. Various brand show willingness to develop and implement international projects. Catalogue also features institutions and places that inspire and support the development of creative industries in Łódź. We encourage you to take a closer look at the creators from Łódź, to initiate contact and start collaborative projects.

Creative people shape cities and regions. The residents’ activities sourced in creativity, innovativeness and talent are filling the urban fabric and constitute the cultural and economic face of Łódź. This is why for many years Łódź has been considered the center of creative industries and a city seething with innovative energy. Located in the center of Poland, Łódź was once an industrial city. Today it is filled with revitalized factories where you can discover workshops, showrooms, shops, and participate in extraordinary festivals dedicated to art and design. Constant changes in the city support the openness of the citizens and their involvement in the creation of new values.


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