Design Safari – a field workshop and inspiration-seeking tour during Dutch Design Week.

This year’s Dutch Design Week participants in Eindhoven will be able to take part in a Design Safari prepared by a strategist and a designer from Lodz (PL) based strategic and creative agency Change Pilots. Safari, as a unique field workshop, allows to experience unusual business locations and exhibitions from both design and business perspective.

Carefully selected locations allow to see design solutions that go deeper than the aesthetics or styling itself. In the field participants will be encouraged to observe, interact and ask questions in order to analyse the design and business view points. When visiting a chosen service, space or product, workshop facilitators will further comment on them from the point of view of value proposition for the user. All this with a human-centric design perspective where people (customers, recipients) do not need a product or service – they need the value that such product or service could provide to them.

From a practical perspective Design Safari is an intuitive tool and one of the key elements of methods such as Design Thinking or Service Design.

Participants will experience this new tool in practice and gain skills that could allow them to use it on a daily basis. Additionally, entrepreneurial participants will be able to experience the role of design in the development and strengthening of business. Participating designers will get a chance to experience unique business solutions that are based on design.

Past Design Safari workshops took place in Lodz, New York, Gdynia, Rotterdam, Bydgoszcz, and Warsaw.

The workshop starts at 9:00 a.m * at the cafeteria in Design Perron and will follow later through the selected locations in the city center.

Date: 24th of October

Duration of the workshop: 4 h

Exact address: Design Perron Cafeteria, Fuutlaan 12, 5613 AB Eindhoven

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Contact with facilitators:, Justyna Turek, Change Pilots

The workshop start time may be a subject to slight changes. In such case information will be sent to the participants in advance.