Breka is a brand of textile products for interior decoration with hand-painted, unique prints. It is also a way to combine the love of architecture with the love of fabrics.

The starting point for creating the brand was the artistic and architectural education of the founder and designer – Maria Styś. However, what really led her to start her own business was her passion for textiles, instilled into Maria in early childhood by her mother, who used to take her to every upcoming edition of the International Triennial of Tapestry in Lodz, Poland and expose her to the textile heritage of their city.

In her products, Maria Styś blends her spatial imagination and understanding of current trends in interior design with a familiarity with the textile market and printing techniques. Combining essential knowledge with workshop skills, Maria makes full use of her experience in both fields. Working as an interior designer also helped her to understand the impact of textiles on every interior – how they can create a cozy and warm ambiance.

All products are made with high quality professional fabric paints. What really matters for Breka is the attention to detail and the unique craftsmanship of each product. The effect of the artisanal work is lasting and meets even the highest customer standards. Any new design is created specifically for a particular client and any atypical colors are matched to the special order.

Maria Styś
+48 513 832 753