LINO is a collection of purses, pouches and wallets made from linoleum. The project was created in the spirit of the upcycling philosophy. Changing the structures, forming new shapes and giving new functions add graceful beauty to this normally ugly and dull flooring material. This minimalistic line of accessories comes in three colours, beige, gray and black; each of them corresponding to a twin from nature: wood, stone and coal. Lino is the result of creative experiments and a search for new materials.

The production process involves heating the linoleum to a temperature when it becomes soft and flexible, and placing it in a custom-built mould. The imprint is then subjected to manual processing (cutting and gridding of edges, tapping of seam grooves, extruding and cutting of holes). Finally all elements are hand-sewn together using the saddle stitch technique. The leather parts on the outside of the purse, as well as the lining of the inside, are a waste product from a local leather goods manufacturer. The author’s technique revolves around creation of her own tools, moulds and machines for the LINO production. The project is constantly developing.

Ania Kanicka
+48 726 234 357